Thursday, July 29, 2004

Watched today John Kerry's speech at the Democratic Convention. "A president who believes in science" -- sounds refreshing. I am afraid it sounds too good.  It is interesting though that four years ago I don't remember being so interested in American politics - is it me getting more Americanized or is American politics becoming more interesting?

It might just be that four years ago we did not have cable.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Richard Dawkins is the first on the list of the top 100 public intellectuals of Britain, as voted by readers of Prospect Magazine. Yess!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Found a good quotation from philosopher Simon Blackburn on "Butterflies and Wheels". Originally it appeared in the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, in the "Postmodernism" entry:
While the dismantling of objectivity seems to some to be the way towards a liberating political radicalism, to others it allows such unliberating views as the denial that there was (objectively) such an event as the Second World War or the Holocaust...The postmodernist frame of mind...may seem to depend on a cavalier dismissal of the success of science in generating human improvement, an exaggeration of the admitted fallibility of any attempt to gain knowledge in the humane disciplines, and an ignoring of the quite ordinary truth that while human history and law admit of no one final description, they certainly admit of more or less accurate ones...
Going back to Freud (see the last entry): here is some supporting material for the claim that Freud
belongs more in a museum of errors, with studies of the four humours, the benefits of blood-letting, pre-Copernican astronomy, the forensics of witchcraft, alchemy, phrenology and phlogiston.
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