Saturday, January 24, 2004

First post on this blog, on a rainy Saturday. (It tends to rain on weekends over here).

Bought a few days ago the new issue of Skeptic. It has a chapter in it from the new book by Simon Conway Morris (Life's Solution : Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe). Quite disappointing: " some point and somehow, given that evolution has produced a sentient species with a sense of purpose, it is reasonable to take the claims of theology seriously". Or: "In essence, we can ask ourselves what salient facts of evolution are congruent with a Creation."

Luckily, a good review follows by Donald Prothero that summarizes the issue very well: "Well written trade science books are a vanishing breed, marketed to smaller and smaller audiences who are easily suckered into reading and believing pseudoscientific babble and religious tracts masquerading as science. What a pity that such a distinguished scientist as Conway Morris (who has produced much excellent science in the past) falls into the latter trap with this book."


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