Friday, November 23, 2007

Where on (Google) Earth #72

After the big bend of the Irrawaddy River around an anticline in northern Burma (at T. rex eats fish), here is another Google Earth challenge, following in the tradition of a previous WoGE posted on Hindered Settling.

Schott rule in effect. Post time: 12:05 pm CST, 11/23/2007.


Ron Schott said...

Prograding Delta of the Omo River, north end of Lake Turkana, Kenya and Ethiopia

Ron Schott said...

If that previous link doesn't work, try this one: WoGE72

zs said...

Well done! Apparently there are some interesting differences between Google Maps images at different zoom levels in the area (suggesting changing lake level and therefore changing delta morphology). Will get back to this later.

The second KMZ link works for me, the first one doesn't.

Looking forward to #73.

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